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Caspian filly and highbred Ahkal-Teke share companionship

© Tachara Caspians. Caspian filly and highbred Akhal-Teke share companionship

According to the Equus Survival Trust*, America is home to over 25 foreign and domestic endangered equine breeds. Given a chance, none are museum pieces whose time is past. While some are dangerously close to extinction, with careful stewardship most can be brought back into useful servitude.

The mission of this website is to provide quality affordable web services (design, hosting, maintenance) for sites that raise awareness, conserve or promote endangered equine breeds. We offer reduced rates to breed stewards, associations and organizations that work with endangered historical breeds. Keep an eye on this site as we add to our roster.

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*Equus Survival Trust's Equine Conservation List