Aleppo 2011

Kristull Tachara Aleppo (2005)
(Henden Faddee x Runnymede Orchid)
Chestnut/Star/LH sock - 11.2 Hands

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Born with a brazen flaxen mane and tail, that soften with maturity, Aleppo has remained a stunning Desert type. Very much his father's son, Aleppo also carries the precious rare blood of foundation stallion FelFel through his dam Orchid who is a full sister to the 4x Supreme English UK Breed Champion Runnymede FelFel.

Aleppo has a classic Desert head, with a prominent forehead and dished profile. He is deliciously compact, correct, and has a proud tail carriage. He has lovely floating suspension at the trot, and a kind, curious nature toward people. He lives as the alpha stallion out in our bachelor herd of several breeding stallions, and is kind and protective of the yearling colts. Aleppo has some of the best feet I have seen in the Caspian breed - hard as nails, perfectly shaped, and rarely need trimming to look stunningly good.

Aleppo has produced a fine Desert type chestnut colt in Florida, and has three fillies currently at Tachara, including a rare rabicano chestnut. Aleppo is being used in our breeding program to strengthen the precious FelFel bloodlines and offer exotic type.

As one of the foundation breeds for the Arabian horse, Caspians are extremely talented and well suited for jumping, driving, dressage, or gymkhana.

Breeding Recommendations: Aleppo should improve athleticism, offers refined heads, produces strong backs and substance. Suited for all three Caspian types - Hunter (Thoroughbred), Desert (Arabian) or Steppe type or combination of these. He would produce some beautiful athletic sport ponies!


Tachara Edoras Aslan (2011 chestnut colt) by Kristull Pattons Alannah
Tachara Azita (2013 chestnut rabicano filly) by Costessa Kalita
Tachara Ghezel Ozan (2014 black going grey filly) by Kristull Jewel of the River
Tachara Cassandane (2014 cinnamon bay filly) by Tachara Ishtar

Aleppo’s Stud Fee:
$500 Purebred / $750 Non-Caspian (includes $150 non-refundable booking fee)