Scheherazade 2011

Saintgiles Scheherazade (1992)
(Rosmear Bahoosh x Hopstone Asal)
Orange chestnut/Small star/LH stocking 12.1 Hands

Scheherazade has had a very prolific career as a broodmare. She has not only produced some very nice foals, but some breathtaking flaxen chestnuts. Her best contribution, however, has been to proliferate the precious rare bloodlines of the red dun foundation mare Shirine*

Sche'zade, as she is affectionately called, may well be non-agouti. She is a big boned, tall mare, with a calm, gentle grace and kindness that she passes on to her foals which are always on the tall side. Tachara was fortunate enough to acquire her in early 2011 on an indefinite lease from her new owner. We have retained her 2011 colt, Tachara Korvash, for our stallion herd. We intend to continue breeding Sche'zade to strengthen the Shirine* bloodlines and to produce progeny as an alternative outcross for Forstals Barewa or Hopstone Shabdiz bloodlines.

(1) 1996 ProtoArabian Karim (bay filly) x Kinton Kalif
(2) 1997 ProtoArabian Daniel (chestnut colt) x Kinton Kailif
(3) 1998 Texanas Sarah (chestnut filly) x Henden Barnaby
(4) 2000 Kristull Ingot (grey colt) x Bytham Ucuncu
(5) 2002 RHR Balaliaka (chestnut filly) x Henden Ollie
(6) 2003 RHR Concerto (flaxen chestnut colt) x Henden Ollie
(7) 200'?' RHR Gerswin (chestnut gelding) x Henden Ollie
(8) 2007 RHR Jupiter (flaxen chestnut colt) x Henden Ollie
(9) 2011 Tachara Edoras Korvash (chestnut colt) x Henden Ollie