Adam 2011

Marida Dadan (1995)
(Cheleken Avval Pesar x Marida Bi Tarsidan)
Mahogany bay/Tiny star 11.2 hands

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Marida Dadan was declared Louise Firouz's personal "ideal" Caspian type at the international Caspian conference in Texas in 1999. Daan went on to produce a legacy of quality foals on two continents, over 20 sons and daughters in both Australia and North America. Aging has made him no less impressive. An exotic Desert type with exceptionally large eyes and a dash of Steppe overtones, particularly in jaw width and bone, Dadan stamps his foals with lovely type, athleticism, and presence. He has great feet, an excellent shoulder, beautiful suspension, and a strong back.

Breeding Recommendations: Dadan can improve heads, athleticism, strengthen type, substance and improve feet.

Dadan's Progeny:


1998 F Marida Jannat (Black) x Marida Takikh (Exported to America)
1999 C Marida Farzam (Chestnut) by x Marida Shereen
1999 C Marida Kourosh (Bay) by Marida Tarikh
2000 C MaHarg Jalil (Black) by Chippendale Keshvar

2000 G Texanas Matthew (Bay) by Woodmagic Mina
2002 G HWF Chocolate Dadan (Brown/Bay) by Tandara Hafeeda
2002 F Kristull Bluebonnet (Wild Bay) by x Runnymede Orchid
2002 F Kristull Pattons Maddie (Bay) Henden Wendy
2002 C Kristull Pipers Zak (Chestnut) by Shepton Tarraneh
2002 F SSK Summer (Bay) by Henden Rhia
2003 G Kristull Dadan Top Guy (Bay) by Costessa Kalita
2003 F Kristull Tadanna (Chestnut Gray) by Cheleken Tamatua
2003 S Kristull Talib (Gray) by Shepton Tarraneh
2003 F Legacys Dadan Nava (Bay) by Texanas Jezebel
2004 C [Kristull] Dadang (Bay) by Kristull Isis
2004 F Kristull Phillani (Bay) by Henden Phillipa
2004 S Kristull Tadan+ (Chestnut) by Cheleken Tamatua
2004 C Kristull Tadan+ (Chestnut) by Cheleken Tamatua
2009 F Azad Benafsha (Dark Bay) by Kristull Obsidian
2011 F Azad Kharmen (Seal Brown) Kristull Jaahana
2011 S Azad Tahmin (Bay Gray) by Kristull Daniska Top Lady
2014 F Marquis Sheila (Bay Gray) by Henden Phillipa
2015 C "pending" (Black) by Marquis Perseus
2015 C Marquis Winston (Bay) x Leonards Contessa

Dadan’s Stud Fee:
$500 Purebred / $750 Non-Caspian (includes $150 non-refundable booking fee) Live Cover only.