Kira 2011

Meye (1998)
(Persicus Amir x Persicus Tehou)
Fleabitten Gray/Star/LH sock/BH socks/ 11.3 hands

- Meye's Gallery -

Meye is a bit of a world traveler. She was conceived in Iran, exported to Belgium in utero, and later exported to England where she was registered and later exported to the USA. Her breeder is Ateshe Friouz-Larson, Louise Firouz's daughter.

Meye is a classic Steppe type - straight as an arrow profile, with a tiny muzzle and wide forehead together viewed face on as the dimensions of a child's kite. She is deep in the jowel, with a nicely shaped, but stouter neck than the Hunter or Desert types. She has a very deep girth, good strong back and well developed hindquarters. Her legs are strong and straight with plenty of good, flat bone, and hard feet that rarely require trimming.

Meye is the undisputed lead mare, a position she does admirably and never abuses her charges, though she is quick to assert her rule when challenged. In spring, summer, and fall, she is first to lead the herd out in the morning and first to lead them back. Despite her alpha position, Meye is a kind, friendly, easy to handle mare.

Meye carries some very rare lines for the breed and some uncommon to this hemisphere - the mares Balsaghar*, Taraneh* and the stallions Zeeland* and Secander Gol*.

Meye (and her two daughters, Kristull Aprile and Kristull Junee) are the only representatives of the female line of her granddam Balsaghar* in the Western Hempisphere. Meye also is the maternal granddaughter of the black foundation stallion Secander Gol* who only traces to 11 horses here in North America - Meye and her two daughters being 3 of the 11. Meye also carries some other not well represented bloodlines in the Western Hemisphere - Zeeland* (Louise's personal stallion and the last horse she owned) and Taraneh*, also very rare.

We hope to breed Meye to stallions in the future that will strengthen these bloodlines.