Mina 2011

Woodmagic Mina (1992)
(Henden Zebedee x Runnymede Amaryllis)
Bay/Star/Partial stripe 11.3

Mina was born in the UK and imported to Texas where she produced her first and only foal under the Texanas prefix before going to Kristull (also in TX at that time) and went on to produce several nice Caspians for the Stull's.

A daughter of the popular immortal sire, the late Henden Zebedee, Mina is a big bodied mare of rich bay color. She has good bone and always seems to produce Caspians of good rideable size. She passes on her kind, calm temperament and is a willing, friendly sort.

Mina carries the rare FelFel line, as well as the important mare lines of Siyah Goah and Nour e-Jehan; we intend to use her to strengthen these lines. Mina does not carry any Hopstone Shabiz and has only one cross to Forstal's Barewa, making her an excellent choice for outcross to those heavily represented lines or breeding for continued minimal impact.

(1) 2000 Texanas Matthew (bay colt) x Marida DaDan
(2) 2002 Kristull Pattons Tess (dark bay filly w/roan) x Henden Trojan
(3) 2003 Kristull Daniella (chestnut filly) x ProtoArabian Daniel
(4) 2006 Kristull Gold Mine (chestnut gelding) x Kristull Mercury
(5) 2010 Bolt (bay gelding) x Texanas Noah