Orchid 2011

Runnymede Orchid (1989)
(Forstal's Barewa x Hopstone Banafsheh)
Wild bay/No markings 11.3 Hands

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Orchid is as close to foundation as you get. Orchid 's paternal grandsire is the talented grey foundation stallion Daria Nour* who was found working as a cart horse in the mountains in Northern Iran. He was subsequently purchased by Louise Firouz and enjoyed a very successful career on the Terhan race tracks until he was exported to Bermuda. He was later shipped to the UK where he was bred to the chestnut mare Pari* to produce one of the most popular sires in the breed's history, Forstal's Barewa.

As nice a sire as Barewa was, Orchid's most important bloodlines are those on her maternal side, as they are exceptionally rare. Her granddam, the bay Iranian mare Taliyeh was covered by the steel grey foundation stallion FelFel, before export to the UK where she foaled the bay filly, Hopstone Banasfsheh. While Taleyeh went on to become a major bloodline for the Caspian breed, her daughter Banafsheh conceived in Iran would be one only surviving source of her sire FelFel.

Banafsheh went on to a career under saddle that included receiving an award from HRM Queen Elizabeth. She also produced nine foals, but no so famous as Orchid;s full brother, Runnymede FelFel, who has several times been Supreme Caspian Champion in the UK and stands at stud at Bytham Castle.

Orchid is a wild bay with no white markings. She is primarily of Steppe type and exudes a quiet grace and dignity, coupled with excellent mothering skills and often helps the other mothers look after their foals.

Orchid's foals have never been a disappointment. Each one is a gem to be treasured. Her 2005 chestnut colt, Kristull Tachara Aleppo, sired by the Henden Faddee, is no exception and has been retained in our stallion herd.

(1) 1992 Runnymede Iris sired x Karoun (UK)
(2) 1995 Runnymede Lealia (bay filly) x Persicus Amir (UK)
(3) 2000 Kristull FelFel Kadat (black bay colt) x Forstal's Danda Daniska
(4) 2002 Kristull Bluebonnet (bay filly) x Marida Dadan
(5) 2003 Kristul Onyx (bay gelding) x Woodmagic Orion
(6) 2004 Kristull Danda Emailne (bay filly) x Forstal's Danda Daniska
(7) 2005 Kristull Tachara Aleppo (flaxen chestnut colt) x Henden Faddee