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Caspian Registry Services

A Division of Central Registry Services
A Subdivision of EndangeredEquines.com

CRS Purpose & Summary of Services

Central Registry Services is a registry processing service similar to the registry services of the American Kennel Club [AKC] for dogs, except we do endangered equines. Our goal is to provide professional, timely, consistent, accurate, and affordable registration processing to track purebred endangered equines. Our services are available to individuals as well as organizations.

Conservation is our top priority. As supporters of endangered breed conservation, we encourage world wide reciprocation with any registry supporting the purebred gene pool. Our center provides incentives, rather than penalties, to encourage the inclusion of all purebred stock in order to enhance and protect the populations of endangered gene pools.

We are not a breed organization. We do not set breed standards.

Applicants must be verifiable as purebred stock (utilizing DNA parentage verification) from stock that originated through acceptable established herd books. Because we rely on DNA it is unnecessary to require stallion licenses, stallion reports, or require special documentation for foals produced by artificial inseminations or embryo transfers. DNA proves parentage.

CRS will review Financial Hardship Registrations on a case-by-case basis.