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Deryni & Rhiannon

BroughHill has scaled back its Fell pony breeding program considerably in 2013 to concentrate on the critically endangered Caspian Horse. In order to do justice to the Fell ponies in BroughHill operations, they are now in Minnesota with the largest Fell pony breeder in North America - Garringhyll who will be using Deryni (sold to a MN farm in striking distance) at limited stud and breeding Rhiannon for BroughHill foals.

I am still happy to answer any inquires about Fell ponies and will gladly direct you to breeders who may be in your area. I will have occasional foals for sale.

Fellishly yours, Victoria Tollman.

Fell ponies are famous for their willingness to tackle any job with heart, vigor, and courage. They are generally even-tempered, quiet, and exhibit sensible judgment. Some are suited for children, the disabled, and novice riders. Like most native ponies, they require leadership and respect to give their best. Our registry, The Fell Pony Society, located in England, frowns upon clipping, trimming, & braiding, preferring instead a "natural" state for presentation for which owners of other breeds overseas have dubbed our breed as "the Hairies". When you look at BroughHill Fells, you'll be delighted to see long forelocks, manes with no bridlepaths, full tails and feather, and fuzzy faces complete with beards and ticklish whiskers.

BroughHill Fells is the oldest operating breeding program in North America. Considering the breeding history of Fells in NA only began in the late 1990's, we feel this is not really an important claim. Neither is being the largest. What is important is the quality of a breeding program.

At BroughHill, we are committed to preserving the Fell pony breed - conserving traditional conformation type and proper movement, as well as inner characteristics like temperament, hardiness, and savvy sensibility. Each stallion, mare, and foal is carefully evaluated for its potential, each buyer chosen with care.

BroughHill Farm is a proud member & supporter of
The Fell Pony Society (our registry in England)
The Equus Survival Trust (a equine conservation nonprofit)
Fell Pony Society and Conservancy of the Americas (registered Overseas Branch)

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