Newfarm Midsummers Night "Deryni" - SOLD!
1996 / Solid black stallion / 13.1 hands
(Waverhead Robbie x Lownthwaite Orange Blossom)
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I am very pleased to say Deryni found the very best of homes in 2013 in Minnesota with a family that truly fits his talents. He is being used on the farm as a draft pony (including snigging logs) as well as a riding pony for the whole family including grandchildren, as a parade pony, and as a driving pony, both single and in a pair. He will also be used at stud. His new owners are thrilled and Deryni is enjoying all the attention and new experiences. My day-to-day farm will never be the same without Deryni's presence and his morning greeting, but my heart soars for his new life.

Newfarm Midsummers Night aka "Deryni" is a solid black Fell Pony of respectable English bloodlines, licensed by the Fell Pony Society (FPS) in England.

Deryni was the FIRST USA born stallion to receive his FPS license and the FIRST Fell stallion anywhere in the world to utilize A.I. He has produced foals by pasture breeding, cooled and frozen semen. During the last decade, he produced more foals under a wider variety of prefixes than any other stallion in North America. Deryni consistently produces temperament, good movement, proper size, proper markings and pretty pony heads. He has also produced some nice crossbreds.

Training, Talents & Experience:

Deryni received a RESERVE CHAMPION award and a FIRST PREMIUM designation (the highest rating at the time) at the AWR American Sport Pony inspections in North Carolina in 2000. He received especially high marks for free jumping.

In 2005 Deryni was on public display as a Ride and Drive stallion during the entire season at the prestigious Kentucky Horse Park where he was seen by thousands of visitors. He was presented in the daily breed parade in harness, under saddle and sidesaddle.

Temperament and Personality:

Deryni exhibits willingness, sweetness, and courage. His favorite people are Victoria's daughters. When the girls were little, Deryni would carefully plant his feathered feet and lower his shaggy head so they could pat and hug him. Then, as now, in the pasture amongst the mares and foals the girls can sit upon him bareback with no halter and he remains quiet, curious and affectionate.

Deryni is available to approved mares, including crossbreeding. In keeping with our conservation mission, we have not raised his stud fee since 1999.

For Sale: Sold!

It is with great reluctance that we put our beloved Deryni up for sale. He is nearer and dearer to our hearts than any other pony or horse on the farm, but he deserves more than we can give him.

Gelding or Stallion?

Deryni (pronounced Dare-in-nee) has more than proven himself as a sire that produces greater than himself regardless of the mare - bone, good legs, movement, temperament, stamina, agility, and pretty pony heads - a breeder's dream. Deryni has settled mares in pasture, in-hand, cooled and frozen. He deserves to continuing producing, however, he should also be out competing or exhibiting his talents and educating the public about our breed. With all else I do, I have not the expertise nor time to do that, so I offer him to someone who can.

Deryni's Accomplishments:

Deryni is a Ride & Drive stallion who spent the 2005 season on daily display to thousands at the Kentucky Horse Park on behalf of his endangered breed. He is a First Premium AWR American Sport Pony who went Reserve Champion at his 2000 inspection. His free jump marks were exceptional even though he had never jumped before.

Deryni's Potential:

Deryni is still in the prime of his life. He would make an excellent driving or eventing pony. He is level-headed, willing, curious and kind and very forward moving. He has never had any soundness issues or illness. Having been at the KY Horse Park, he is not bothered by noises and activities and he likes people. He's ready to give his all to the right person.

Price & Terms:

Deryni is reasonably priced at $10,000 to an approved home. Would consider partial trade for a tractor. (no more horses please!) Trial period offered. Generous Terms available to qualified buyer. Would also consider a liberal lease to the right person.