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New - Registration Application (Page 1 - Page 2)
Assignment of Tracking # - Tracking #Assignment

DNA Application
DNA Instruction Sheet

Notice of Change Forms

- Color/Marking Change*
- Death*
- Gelding*
- Lease Agreement
- Transfer Ownership

Registration Rules and Regulations
Glossary of Terms

Schedule Of Fees:

Registration - 2 Years and up $30.00
50% Discount - Under 6 months $15.00
30% Discount - 6mo & under 2 years $21.00
Assignment of Tracking # $10.00
DNA Testing $40.00

Notice of Change:

Color/Markings* N/C with SASE / $5 without
Death N/C
Gelding* N/C with SASE / $5 without
Transfer Ownership* $10.00
Lease Agreement N/C
DNA - provided By Owner N/C

*Requires return of original registration to CRS for processing.

Special Discounts: Hardship Registration discounts may be available. Please contact CRS for details.

Payment by personal/ business check, or money order must be made payable in US funds to the Registrar: Victoria Tollman

Coming soon: Payment by PayPal must include a PayPal Transaction Fee equal to 3% of your total. Failure to include the PayPal Transaction fee will result in a delay in processing.
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