We have Retired (2015) !

Our careers have taken us in a different direction and required us to downsize our herd. We are retaining one mare for our son. All other horses have been sold and placed.

Thanks so much for your patronage. We will be glad to refer your inquiries to other breeders if you are looking to buy a Caspian!

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We here at Marquis Acres see the Caspian Horse as an untapped resource for the modern horse-loving community. The Caspian Horse retains the beauty, refinement, and athleticism of a horse in a miniature size. As such, they are much cheaper to feed/care for and can be kept on much smaller plots of land. We also believe they have much to provide the pony showing community both as an individual show pony and as a valuable out-crossing source; as the Caspian Horse can add refinement to pony breeds in much the same way the Arabian has to horse breeds.

To cultivate this unused resource that is the Caspian Horse we at Marquis Acres are seeking to improve the usefulness of the breed through our training and breeding program. We seek to breed individuals that can be ridden. This means breeding for individuals who possess size and substance as well as kind temperaments and intelligence. Our individuals are raised in natural environments before they are put to training as two and three year olds, but are available for sale throughout this process. Our sale horses are first trained to drive and then trained to ride, so if you are looking for a companion, a driving pony, or a riding pony that is economical and easy to manage please consider our Caspian Horses. All inquiries are welcome.

Marquis Caspians
Tom & Trisha Robbins
1524 S. 400 W
Peru, IN 46970
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