BroughHill Rhiannon
2000 / Solid black mare
(Newfarm Midsummers Night x Heltondale Sparker IV)


Rhiannon was her sire's first foal. Solid black, even as a foal she had the smooth lines and the delicate face of "Deryni" her sire, and his flair and curious, friendly temperament. Rhiannon was slow to mature, as were her full sisters BroughHill Ryanne and, BroughHill Rebecca, but she has not disappointed our expectations. She has grown into a beautiful Fell mare with her sire's grace and beautiful type. Her long neck, brawn and big trot come from Sparkler, her Heltondale dam.

Rhiannon has always enjoyed the shelter and camaraderie of the herd, and in 2004, she contributed her first foal to the preservation of this rare breed by producing a black colt sired by *Hardenedale Henry. We named him BroughHill Reiver II and he now resides as a gelding in New Jersey with his new owner.

Rhiannon's second foal is likely the best colt we have produced to date - BroughHill Regulus Black. Regulus was a test breeding of sorts to see how prepotent the good and the bad genes of our stallion line might be, so we were very pleased to see Regulus turned out to be an outstanding colt of Fell type. Be that as it may, he is a product of inbreeding on a bloodline that is the most prevalent stallion line in North America presently (2007). As that could be a loaded gun in the wrong hands once sold, we did the responsible thing - he was sold into his new home here in NC as a gelding.

In 2013 Rhiannon was shipped to Minnesota and is now in the capable hands of the largest Fell pony breeder in North America, Garringhyll Fell Stud. With an excellent selection of stallions choices on premise, Rhiannon will continue producing foals for BroughHill.