Heltondale Sparkler IV
1988 - 2011/ Imported black mare with small star/ 13.2 hands
(Heltondale Black Prince III x Heltondale Sparkler II)


Sparkler left us in the fall of 2011 for greener pastures before the chill of winter set in. She was a grand lady, always dignified and gracious with humans and fully in charge of the Fell herd. She had aged gracefully and in good health in all but the last winter of her life, which proved hard on her aging bones. On a warm sunny fall day shortly after Thanksgiving, we decided with heavy hearts not to subject her to another winter. Sparkler died peacefully on her favorite hill enjoying a handful of treats, the warm sun on her face, and a cool fall breeze tickling her feather.

Sparkler is buried in our main pasture on the highest hill where she favored surveying both farms with a terrific view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We miss you, Sparkler! Your legacy lives on in your sons and daughters.

Heltondale Sparkler IV was born on the fell in Cumbria and was sired by 4 x Supreme Champion Heltondale Black Prince III. She was a third generation "Sparkler", a mare line bred by the Heltondale Stud, the oldest operating stud in England where she was born. Sparkler was born on the fell in England and living on the fell before being sold to one of Sarge Noble's employees. Being semi-feral, her registration does not even record her exact birth date, only the year.

Sparkler was always our lead mare and the undisputed "boss" at BroughHill. She taught many foals and grandfoals how things should be. Though not a refined mare, Sparkler had lots of bone, brawn, and bold trot, coupled with a very sensible and kind temperament. She proved to be a broodmare who consistently produced better than herself.

Sparkler's first foal for BroughHill was BroughHill Rhiannon, a solid black filly with outstanding type. Rhiannon was retained and has proven to be a good broodmare in her own right. Sparkler's second Broughhill foal, BroughHill Ryanne was born at Majestic Fells in Ohio and later purchased by the then largest Fell pony breeder in NA, Stonecreek Fells in Texas. When Stonecreek retired its breeding program in 2014, Ryanne was resold to continue her breeding contributions. Sparker's third BroughHill foal, BroughHill Rebecca, also a filly, was quickly purchased by Garringhyl Fells in Minnesota. All three fillies were sired were by Deryni and were of a consistency easily recognizable as siblings.

After 5 fillies, finally Sparkler finally graced us with a colt - a beautiful mahogany bay by import stallion *Hardendale Henry. We named the little guy BroughHill Brown Harrier. Harrier was purchased and moved to Michigan, gelded for riding, and later resold as a personal mount to a woman in New Jersey.

Sparkler's Progeny:
Raisburn Lettie - xx (x Heltondale Rover IV) UK
Raisburn Lettie II - 1993 (x Heltondale Rover IV) imported with dam from UK
BroughHill Rhannon - 2000 (x Newfarm Midsummers Night aka Deryni)
BroughHill Ryanne - 2002 (x Newfarm Midsummers Night aka Deryni)
BroughHill Rebecca - 2003 (x Newfarm Midsummers Night aka Deryni)
BroughHill Brown Harrier - 2004 ( x Hardendale Henry)