Caspian Mares at Tachara

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Caspians are a little known ancient, hot-blooded horse of immense talent and beauty. Averaging 11-12 hands, these small steeds are thought to be the missing link to the ancestry of the Arabian horse. They once were held in such high esteem they pulled the war chariots of King Darius of Persia. Then, they disappeared from the known world for 1300 years.

Tachara is proud to support the conservation of this critically endangered breed. With approximately 1,500 Caspians left in the world (2006), we take our stewardship very seriously.

Every breeding counts and every buyer has the opportunity to participate in the conservation of the breed. Whether your interest is in breeding, competitions, educational exhibitions, or personal enjoyment, we invite you to learn more about this talented ancient breed.

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